Monday, September 1, 2014

End of Summer

It's still summer, technically, but it's September 1st and it's raining. Last week our oldest went back to school (first grade!) so hey, summer is over! 

It's safe to say that this past summer was nothing short of a roller coaster. The youngest two certainly hit a ton of growth milestones and the oldest held his own, as well (lost a few teeth!).

Much fun was had - from outdoor excursions to indoor madness and enough autism related therapy to make your head spin. We did our best to make sure the older two had some one on one time to balance the madness out. Not sure that it was sufficient but we certainly did what we could. 

On the autism front, our youngest had a VERY rough time at the beginning of summer. This left me fairly stressed and baffled, but things seem to be going much better now. He's developed the ability to self-regulate and we've figured out what his sensory needs are. He's truly a different child now than he was just 3 months ago. Preschool is on the horizon! 

Now back to our regularly scheduled holiday festivities.....I mean, relaxing.